If you or anyone in your household has been diagnosed with or is isolating with possible Covid-19 symptoms -
please DO NOT ATTEND the salon.

There will be no penalty for customers who need to cancel at short notice for this reason, I will be happy to re-book you for when your self-isolation period is over. 

A huge THANK YOU to all my clients, you have worked with me with kindness and good grace since I re-opened after lockdown. Everyone has complied with the measures designed to keep each other safe. You are amazing!

Now the weather is becoming less friendly to outside handovers, I have updated my policies slightly:

🔹Outside handover is still preferred. No masks are required for outside handover/payment as we can maintain 2m social distancing this way.

🔹If the weather is awful I am now allowing clients to enter the salon to handover and make payment. Please ensure you wear a mask if entering the salon (unless exempt) and I will also wear a mask

🔹Please continue to remove your dog’s collar, harness and lead on arrival and use the sanitised slip leads provided for handover.

🔶Please note I have contacted WSCC Public Health Department, and they have confirmed that my business is NOT required to display a track and trace QR code, because I am not open to the public, I do not have close contact with human clients, and I have contact details and records of all clients attending.

 In order to groom safely I need to prevent the transfer of covid-19 between dogs and/or people.

  It is believed dogs do not catch covid-19 (although there have been a couple of instances where this might have happened that are being further investigated), however dogs’ fur,   collars, harnesses and leads are surfaces like any other, and covid-19 can be left on them if they come into contact with an infected person.

 What I am doing to keep you safe:
  • Using completely pet safe virucidal products.
  • Salon is thoroughly cleaned between every customer
  • All equipment used from blades to brushes is cleaned and sanitised between every customer
  • I am wearing clean PPE for every customer
  • Only one family’s dogs allowed in the salon at a time
  • All dogs that enter the salon must have a bath at the beginning of their appointment.
  • Fresh water in a sanitised bowl will be provided for every dog.
What you are being asked to do:

 DO NOT ATTEND if anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • Has been diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Has been asked to shield themselves
If you are in any doubt about whether it is safe for you to attend the salon, please contact me before your appointment to discuss.
  • Only one adult to attend the appointment – if at all possible please leave children at home or outside.
  • Please come prepared to remove your dog’s collar, lead and/or harness and replace with my sanitised slip lead. Take them home with you and bring them back when you collect your dog.
  • Pay by card wherever possible (I accept credit, debit, amex, applepay & android pay). If you are unable to pay by card please place the correct cash in the envelope provided.
  • Be prompt for your drop off and collection times, I need extra time between clients for cleaning and any delays will cause subsequent appointments to run late.

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